Say hello to our new brand

Ironclad's brand connects the ages-old practice of creating contracts with the modern teams — and people — who manage them today.


Modernizing legal means modernizing our logo

The new icon-mark is washed in our primary brand color, Illuminated Green, which symbolizes shining a light on the dark, mysterious world of contracts and now partnered with a friendlier word-mark. We’ve balanced this modern color with a family of traditional neutrals.

Our brand extended into the upcoming Ironclad Apex conference


Our superhero is the Ironclad Community

We’re honored to serve our customers and felt strongly that they deserved a specific illustration style to highlight their individuality. So, we developed a scalable illustration style with roots in traditional portrait painting and modern editorial fashion illustration.

Custom illustration of our customers

Color Palette

Illuminated Green













Sangbleu Kingdom offers
modern, established headlines

Moderat is our workhorse for all eyebrows,
subheaders, and readable body text.

Photography direction

We shoot our real commuity. No props, no staging, no sets.

Help us bring our brand to life

Come join us in our mission that empowers legal teams to do great things for their organizations.

Blog post

Ironclad has rebranded and you’re the reason why

Lead brand designer Camellia Neri discusses Ironclad’s brand refresh and how community came to play a central role throughout the process.

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